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Hermle Clock Movements

NEW Hermle 77, 8 day 'A' frame key wound, mechanical brass clock movement. Brand new, fitted into removable round metal case (original Hermle fitting), allowing easy fitting with a centre fixing nut only, if required (rather than dial pins).

Some have slight surface rust on front outer casing ONLY, on steel face that fits behind the dial (so never seen when fitted) due to storage.

Includes pendulum, hands and keys, so these movements are ready to be fitted complete, with nothing else needed. They are a reliable German movement, fitted in a majority of non-striking quality wall and mantel clocks in the 80s and 90s.

Dimentions: 110 mm round X 45 deep.

Pendulum: 290mm long.

Steel key and spetentime hands: Minute hand 110mm, hour hand 80mm

1 unit


5 - 10 units (each)


10 - 20 units (each)


20 + units (each)


1 unit


5 - 10 units (each)


10 - 20 units (each)


20 + units (each)


Hermle Striking Movements

New Hermle 131-070, 8 day mechanical brass bim bam strike pendulum movement.

Comes with hands, key and pendulum, ready to fit.

This is a 'Bim Bam', strike, which strikes with two notes (each on a separate bell) on the hour (telling the hour, with two notes for each) and half hour (once - two notes).

It has a two hammer back plate of 90mm circumference, a pendulum of 260 mm in length, includes a steel key and black serpentine hands (minute hand 82 mm, hour hand 58 mm). It also comes with a centre fixer plate that can be fitted to any dial (two keyholes) or this can be removed to fit a standard Hermle dial direct to the movement.

This type of movement was fitted to a range of quality clocks in the 80s and 90s, with various dial names but it is the Hermle movement that was the heart of many wall and mantel clocks.